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UNIFAIR Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. has rich experience in holding large international exhibitions, for example, CERAMICS CHINA, with exhibition area of over 100,000 sqm and exhibitors and visitors from more than 80 countries, has become the largest and most influential event in the world’s ceramic industry. In addition, UNIFAIR is co-organizing other ceramic exhibitions with related organizations in India, Italy and Germany.

IRIS Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is the first organisation to hold professional exhibitions and conferences for powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics in China. For years, it has focused on the exploration and market analysis of the power metallurgy and advanced ceramic industry, and spent over 10 years cultivating exhibitions and accumulating customers. Growing out of nothing, UNIRIS has successfully created an international exhibition for powder metallurgy, cemented carbides and advanced ceramics possessing high profession, great influence and excellent effect.

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