2020 The 9th Shanghai International Injection Molding Forum

Date: 2020-05-14
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2020 The 9th Shanghai International Injection Molding Forum

MIM is currently the most scientific near net shape forming technology for metal parts formation. It can flexibly adjust to various performance indexes and has been successfully applied to popular areas such as auto parts, 3C digital, medical equipment and tool locks. Hence, traditional molding technologies such as CNC fine processing, to some extent, are being replaced. Although the future of MIM holds many promises, there is much room for development. In terms of industry competition, to be well ahead of peers and competitors, enterprises must equip themselves with stable technical talents, superior resources and a group of talented personnel with emphasis on constant technological innovation as well as management system optimization.

To boost the technological advancement and steady development of MIM technology, strengthen the combination of production, learning, research and application, and create a positive atmosphere for innovation, orderly and inclusive development in the industry, the Organizer has scheduled to hold the The 9th Shanghai International Injection Molding Forum at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on August 12, 2020. The forum will welcome renowned experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the field of injection molding to conduct in-depth exchanges. We cordially invite you to the annual academic forum.

Organzing units


Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Federation of Societies and Institutes for Shanghai Powder Metallurgy




Registration time: 11 August, 2020

Date of the forum: 12 August, 2020

Location: No.2 Meeting Rm., Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center

Keynote speakers 

Topic: Injection Molding Research on Ti, Al and Other Light Metals

Speaker: Qu Xuanhui, Dean of Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology

Topic: 30 Years of Innovation in Catamold

Speaker: Zhangyi, Director in Great China Area, Powder Metallurgy Business of BASF(China)

Topic: ARBURG's Special Process for Powder Injection

Speaker: Yan Xiaojun, Application Engineer of Arburg (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Topic: Innovative Process to Improve Sintering Yield - First in the World

Speaker: Zhou Rongguo, CTO of Ningbo Hiper Vacuum Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Development of 316L Series and 17-4PH Series Stainless Steel Powders with High Sintering Density and Polishing Brightness

Speaker: Tangyu, Vice President of Marketing of Yingtan Longding New Materials & Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Degreasing process and equipment of MIM and AM Technology

Speaker:  Dr. Vladislav Kruzhanov, PM Consultant, LÖMI(Germany)

Topic: Analysis of common problems in MIM

Speaker:  Zhujie, General manager, Guangzhou Youyan Powder Material Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Advantages of Dynamic Injection Molding for Metal Powders

Speaker: Xu Zhijiang, Chairman of Unique Injection Molding Systems Co Ltd

Topic: Study on Process Stability of SKD11 Products for MIM 

Speaker: Song Jinshuai, Vice Technical Manager of Shanghai Jingke Powder Metallurgy Technology Co Ltd

Topic: Research on Several Metal Powders for Injection Molding and Their Properties

Speaker: Hehao, CTO of Hunan Hengji Powder Technology

Topic: The Future of Metalworking Technology - MIM’s Five-Year Plan

Speaker: Dr. Yaohong Qiu, Founder of Yaode Workshop, Chief Lecturer

Topic: Application of Injection Molding in 3C Industry

Speaker: Representative from Central South University

Topic: Sintering and Polishing Performance of Aerosolized Stainless Steel Powder for MIM

Speaker: Representative from Sandvik

Topic: Opportunities and challenges that MIM industry faces after the epidemic

Speaker: To be announced

Topic: Latest market trends and development in MIM industry

Speaker: To be announced

* subject to change

Expected Enterprises

Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, Apple, Fiyta, Supor, Midea, Gree, INDO-MIM, DYNACAST, Foxconn, Three-Circle, Sunlord Electronics, Lansi Technology, BYD, Biel Crystal, Meiyang, Amphenol, Goertek, AAC, Shengming, Jinsheng, Changlian, Jingyan, Huanju, Mimecrisa, Unique, Gillkon, SAGWELL, JINCHUAN Group, LOEMI, ATMIX, SHIMADZU, ARBURG, SANDVIK, BASF, JSW, kramer, SIBARER, SinterZone, Fanuc, Nissei, HAITIAN, AVIMETAL, Nabertherm, Ipsen, Central South University, Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and more.

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