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Exhibitor news

Demonstration of cutting edge technologies and products

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2022 China International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics

Concurrent Events:China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy & Cemented Carbides 

Shanghai International Exhibition for Magnetic Materials Industrial Chain

The Leading Trade Fair for Advanced Ceramics Industry

Exhibition Date: May 23rd ~ 25th, 2022

Venue: Hall H1~H2, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

(No. 850, Bocheng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, P.R. China)

Organizer: UNIRIS Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Official Website:

Upgrading for Overall Excellency

All-round Showcasing for Intelligent Manufacturing of China Capacity

In 2021, Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics, organized by UNIRIS Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd., has been upgraded its name to China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbides and Advanced Ceramics with the official approval by Ministry of Commerce of the P. R. China, and grandly welcomed its 14th anniversary during May 23rd ~ 25th in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. The upgrading of exhibition offers better effect, greater influence and higher international level for the industry, which acts the positive role in promoting the showcase of various processes of the whole related industrial chains including advanced ceramics, powder metallurgy, cemented carbides, injection molding, additive manufacturing, and magnetic materials, etc.


The exhibition scale of China International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition has been increased from such hundreds of square meters since its establishment in the year of 2008 to 30,000 square meters by the year of 2021, with the average annual growth of 30% significantly.



Brand Exhibition Gathering Global Top Enterprises

Square meters 35,000     600+ Global Exhibitors     1500+ Exhibiting Brands

40,000+ Visits            100+ Academic Activities    100+ Professional Medias

With over 14 successive editions, the exhibition has gathered with profound industry resources, excellent customer relationships and excellent market status. IACE CHINA 2022 is committed to displaying and promoting globally-leading technologies and products, and building high-quality platform of technical communication and trade cooperation for industry colleagues.




the Vigor to Win the Market,

can Enhance the Corporate Competitiveness, Innovation and Influence,

can Perform Standardization, Digitalization and Intelligence for Production.

Upgrading Ahead from Quality-Made to Intelligent Manufacturing.

Authoritative Platform Covering Cutting-edge Technology

Here, globally-leading technologies and products can be fully showcased with in-depth communication and cooperation. The exhibition covers the widest range of products, services and turn-key solutions for raw materials, equipment, instruments and products, etc.

Raw Materials

Oxides, carbides, nitrides, borides, etc.

Machinery & Equipment

Material preparation, pulverization, mixing, molding, sintering, drying, thermal engineering, post-treatment, measurement / control, lab equipment, etc.


Components / Products

Structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, high temperature ceramics, ceramic bearings, ceramic cutting tools, optical ceramics, ceramic films, ceramic catalyst carriers, biomedical ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, artificial crystals, refractories, etc.

3D Printing Equipment / Materials

3D printing equipment, 3D printing materials (polymer powder materials, metal powder materials, ceramic powder materials, etc. 

Testing Instruments

Powder chemical composition analysis instrument, powder physical performance analysis instrument, alloy performance analysis instrument, alloy microstructure analysis instrument, etc.


202201041459358169.png  202201041459358602.png  202201041459357518.png

Praise and Advice from Exhibitors and Visitors

The exhibition is very professional with great visitors flow, and we have received many trial orders. I wish the exhibition will be bigger next year and serving as better communication platform for the companies.

------Mr. Xu Rongli, Vice General Manager, Weifang Huamei Fine Technical Ceramics Co., Ltd.


The exhibition layout design and allocation is very professional. All leading enterprises in the advanced ceramics sector have chosen to participate in the exhibition. The overall exhibition level is very high, which represents the advanced level of China and the world.

------Mr. Chen Feng, China Business Director, Imerys (China) Co., Ltd.


This is our first visit to the exhibition. Personally speaking, the exhibition is very big and the total effect is good. There are many innovative technology products from exhibitors. We will continue to support the exhibition next year.

------- Mr. Bi Jing, Vice General Manager, Anhui Huaxia Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

We have found the required zirconia ceramic products in the exhibition. We are also interested in some 3D printing products. We will surely visit the exhibition next year.

-------- Mr. Lu Xiao, Director, Ningbo Jenscare Technology Co., Ltd.

I have found the latest powder technology, digital equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology. The exhibition has comprehensively promoted the high-quality development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the advance ceramics industry.

------Mr. Kang Dinghua, President, Loudi Andidz Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd.


202201041500026857.png  202201041500022298.png

Integration Platform of Research and Application

2022 The 4th Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development

2022 The 11th Shanghai International Forum for Powder Metallurgy & Injection Molding

2022 The 3rd Shanghai Tungsten Industry Summit & International Cemented Carbides Seminar

2022 Shanghai International Development Forum for Magnetic Materials & Application Industrial Chain.

2022 The 2nd Shanghai International Summit for 3D Printing 


202201041500384513.png  202201041500382619.png

202201041500404274.png  202201041500413977.png

Exhibitors Analysis of 2021 Edition


Total Exhibitors    Domestic Exhibitors     First-time Exhibitors    Overseas Exhibitors



Raw Materials and Accessories


Sintering Equipment

Pressing Equipment

Pulverizing Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Post-treatment Equipment & Technology


3D Printing Materials / Equipment

Testing Equipment

Graphite, Carbon, Refractory & Insulation Materials



Visitors Analysis of 2021 Edition


Total visits 31,453

Domestic Visitors Analysis by Regions


East China Regions

Central China Regions

South China Regions

North China Regions

Northeast China Regions

Southwest China Regions

Northwest China Regions

Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau Regions


Visitors Analysis by Decision-making








China Ceramics Industry Association

Ceramics Committee of Chinese Ceramic Society

Engineered Ceramics Committee of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

China Advanced Ceramics Industrial Alliance

Ceramics 3D Printing Industrial Alliance


UNIRIS Exhibition Shanghai Co., Ltd.

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Tel:4000 778 909     Tel:020-8327 6369 / 6389

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