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I. A brand event gathering innovative power of the industry

With the acceleration of 5G construction process, the advanced ceramic industry welcomes a brighter market prospect. At present, China's advanced ceramic industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. How to develop from a medium- and low-level to a medium- and high- one, especially in the face of the traditional drivers being replaced by new ones and the rapid development of new industries, and how to seize the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest developments in advanced ceramics have become the focuses of researchers, entrepreneurs and investment companies working in new ceramic materials, new ceramic products, new ceramic processes and new ceramic technologies R&D and industrialization. 

IACE China has been successfully held for 13 consecutive sessions, accumulating rich industry resources, building excellent customer relationships and obtaining good market reputation. The exhibition is committed to the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies and high-end products, setting up a quality exchanging and trading platform for insiders from both upstream and downstream.

* A must-attend professional exhibition for advanced ceramic industry

* Full support from industry authority

* Involvement of the complete advanced ceramic industry chain

* Convergence of leading enterprises from home and abroad to showcase the latest scientific and technological achievements

* Gathering of industry elites to build a bridge between supply and demand

* A wide variety of concurrent forums and meetings to discuss industry focuses and cutting-edge trends

* Multi-channel media promotion to help companies enhance brand awareness

II. A brand exhibition covering excellent enterprises from home and abroad

In 2021, the exhibition is expected to attract exhibitors from more than 20 countries, including China, USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Austria, Poland, Singapore, India, Belgium, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Scale New Heights in 2021

a) Maximizing in exhibition and negotiation space with more than 30,000 sqm

b) One-stop access to over 1,000 Chinese and overseas brands

c) Demonstration of world-class cutting-edge technologies from a minimum of 550 exhibitors

d) High effective communication with targeted groups consisted of approximately 30,000 visitors

e) Presentation of nearly 100 academic reports combining academic and commercial value

III. Exhibition scope  

Convergence of cutting-edge technologies and products

Advanced ceramic raw materials sector: Oxide, Carbide, Nitride, Boride, etc.

Advanced ceramic equipment sector: Preparation, Molding, Drying machine, Thermal technology, Measurement control, Experimental equipment, etc.

Advanced ceramic parts/products sector: Structural ceramics, Electrical ceramics, High temperature ceramics, Optical ceramics, Ceramic matrix composites, etc.

3D printing sector: 3D Printing equipment, 3D Printing materials(polymer powder material, ceramic powder material,metal powder material, etc.)

IV. Concurrent activities

Integration and collision of ideas 

2021 Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development

The 10th Shanghai International Injection Molding Forum

2021 Shanghai International Summit on Ceramic 3D Printing

V. Voices/Comments from exhibitors and buyers

The number of visitors, and their enthusiasm and professionalism this year are beyond our imagination. We are quite satisfied with the results, and we are also interested in continuing to participate in the future.

Xu Miao, Regional Sales General Manager in China, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials


We signed intention agreements with many companies at the exhibition site. We communicated and learned from each other so that we could jointly improve the development and technological upgrading of China's special ceramic industry.

Wang Jubao, General Manager of Shanghai Rongchuang Kaixun Special Materials Co Ltd

It's been a rewarding exhibition. We purchased testing instruments and high-temperature furnaces on site, and learned about some new developments in injection molding and 3D consumables, especially in the later field. We also saw a lot of innovative technologies.

Liu Gang, Manager of Tangshan Northern Porcelain Capital Ceramics Group


This is our first time to visit the exhibition, and I think it is pretty good. We have collected some enterprise information on ceramic products and vacuum device products, and will discuss cooperation after the meeting.

Liang Shixin, Tianjin Huaxun Communication Equipment Co Ltd 

VI. Last edition

2020 Exhibitor Data Analysis 


2020 Visitor Data Analysis

During the three days exhibition, we received 25,793 professional visitors. They are mainly from 330 counties & cities in 30 provinces in China, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, Hunan, and Beijing. Overseas visitors were barely seen due to the pandemic. Those international brands had chosen to send their Chinese representatives and agents instead.

During the pandemic, unexpectedly, the number of visitors increases by 14% over last edition. The figure shows, as the pandemic gradually being under control in China, that the pent-up procurement demand are converting to a momentum for spending.


VII. Contact

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