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The 16th China International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics

Where you can find clients and solutions

Concurrent Exhibitions:IACE CHINA 2024,MMIC CHINA 2024, AM CHINA 2024,


March 6-8, 2024

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center


Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd


Showing strength with data  

Winning praise with results

IACE CHINA is a flagship exhibition in the global powder metallurgy industry. It has grown from several hundred square meters since its establishment in 2008 to 40000 square meters by 2023, expanding at an average annual growth rate of 30%, and has a wide international reputation and global influence.

The previous exhibition (2023) gathered 761 exhibitors from China, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, etc. During the three-day exhibition, a total of 54,506 professional visitors were received, coming from 42 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, India, North Korea, Singapore, Russia, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

It is expected that the exhibition area of IACE CHINA 2024 will exceed 45,000 square meters, with about 900 global exhibitors and more than 1,500 exhibiting brands. The number of visitors is expected to reach over 65,000 from worldwide.



Convergence of well-known enterprises, leading the development trend of the industry

As the world’s leading industry exhibition, IACE CHINA builds a high-quality platform of technical exchanges and business cooperation, bringing together excellent enterprises and industry elites at home and abroad to share leading cutting-edge technologies as well as innovative applications and solutions, and injecting tremendous momentum into the high-quality development of the industry.

Previous well-known exhibitors:



Gathering of industry leaders, empowering multi-dimensional upgrading

During the exhibition, a number of high-quality forums will be held concurrently, inviting more than 100 speakers including academicians, professors, and business executives to deliver keynote speeches, sharing frontier views from the perspectives of the latest technological processes, industry solutions, innovative applications, industrial policy guidance, future trends and development, etc., and deconstructing advanced technologies in multiple dimensions as well as analyzing the market prospects in multiple aspects.


2024 The 16th Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Industry Forum


2024 The 12th Shanghai Injection Molding Forum


2024 The 5th International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development


2024 Electronic Ceramics and Components Industry Development Forum


2024 Magnetic Material Development and Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality Forum


2024 The 6th SAMA Additive Manufacturing Industry Development Forum


2024 Shanghai Powder Processing and Handling Industry Forum


2024 Hard Surface Technology Forum


2024 new product launches


Abundant exhibits, a full range of upstream and downstream products

Where you can find clients and solutions


Raw Materials: 

Oxides, carbides, nitrides, borides, etc.


Machinery & Equipment

Material preparation, pulverization, mixing, molding, sintering, drying, thermal engineering, post-treatment, measurement / control, lab equipment, etc.


Components / Products:

Structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, high temperature ceramics, ceramic bearings, ceramic cutting tools, optical ceramics, ceramic films, ceramic catalyst carriers, biomedical ceramics, ceramic matrix composites, artificial crystals, refractories, etc.


Testing Instruments:

Powder chemical composition analysis instrument, powder physical performance analysis instrument, alloy performance analysis instrument, alloy microstructure analysis instrument, etc.


Five concurrent exhibitions Linking related industries, 

attracting more visitors


IACE CHINA 2024 will be held concurrently and co-located with The 16th China International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy and Cemented Carbides (PM CHINA), 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Magnetic Materials and Application Industry Chain (MMIC CHINA), 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Additive Manufacturing Application Technology (AM CHINA), and 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Processing anf Handling (POWDEX CHINA).

The five exhibitions are linked together, connecting the related industrial chain, attracting a wider range of visitor groups, and forming a "one-stop" business exchange platform that not only gathers more domestic and foreign exhibitors, but also meets the diversified demands of the visitors and buyers.

The expected exhibition scale:


exhibition area


global exhibitors


 exhibiting brands


 buyers and visitors


academic reports


 professional media

Exhibitor analysis of previous exhibition


Evaluation from exhibitors and visitors 

of previous exhibition

SAINT-GOBAIN Ceramic Materials Division  Business Development Manager Liu Ranran: We are full of expectations for the exhibition. This time, there are more exhibitors participating than the previous one, and also a large amount of visitors. We receive many new and existing customers and achieved the desired effect of exhibiting.

BOSCH CEO -- Berninger Sophie: The exhibition is like a miniature of the advanced ceramics industry, in which everyone can exchange and learn from each other, and also showcase their company’s products and technologies. We cherish this opportunity very much.

IMERYS Sales Director in China -- Duan Liye: The exhibition is very lively, with many large international companies and suppliers attending, and many new products and solutions exhibited, making us feel the good momentum of economic recovery and delighted to attend this grand event.

Sinoma Advanced Materials Co., Ltd Chiarman -- Zhang Weiru: The biggest feature of the exhibition is the excellent integration of industry, academia, and research, which is of great significance for the transformation of the latest technological achievements in our country's advanced ceramics industry. The concurrent forums and other activities also played a good role.

HUAWEI Technologies  Senior Engineer -- Yang Min: We have participated in this industry event for many years. This year, the expansion of the exhibition scale, the increase of participating companies, and the abundance of concurrent activities have greatly benefited us, and we have also found potential partners.

BYD Electronics R&D Manager of Research Department III -- Chen Ge: We saw many new technologies and products at the exhibition, and had in-depth exchanges and viewpoint-sharing with many outstanding exhibitors and professionals. It was really a rewarding and worthwhile trip!


Ceramics Branch of Chinese Silicate Society

Engineering Ceramics Professional Committee of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society


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